South Africa prepared for bioattack at World Cup

Approximately 450,000 soccer fans are expected to stream into South Africa for the World Cup tournament from June 11 through July 11 and the nation says it is prepared for the all manner of threats, from bioattack to nuclear.

South Africa is not considered a major terrorist target, but national police spokesman Vish Naidoo said told the Pretoria News, ""in view of the 31 other countries participating in the games there is the potential for the threat of a terror attack.

"To counter this we have launched proactive and reactive plans which include the intervention and the assistance of Interpol in the creation of databases of dangerous and disruptive persons.

"These databases will include all persons involved in all forms of organised crime, ranging from terrorism to gun smuggling and hooliganism. No one whose name is on the database will be allowed into the country."

Terrorist attack simulation exercises have been simulated for various scenarios, including those focusing on biological, chemical and radioactive attacks.

Additionally, 50,000 security personnel will be deployed during the World Cup with intelligence and law enforcement agencies from participating nations boosting security.

“If anyone asks us to host the competition tomorrow, from a security perspective, we are more than ready," Naidoo said.