Aid offered to attendees of suspected anthrax infected N.H. drum circle

New Hampshire's Department of Health and Human Services has begun offering antibiotics and the anthrax vaccine to more than 80 people after an environmental sample at a University of New Hampshire building tested positive for anthrax.

The vaccinations and antibiotics come following the recent contraction of gastrointestinal anthrax by a Stafford County woman who is in critical condition in a Massachusetts hospital.

The source of the woman's anthrax is currently not known, though a drum circle she attended at the University of New Hampshire Campus Ministry Center in Durham, New Hampshire, is currently the focus of the investigation into the source.

Anthrax has so far been found on two drums at the Campus Ministry Center and on an electrical outlet, though health officials do not know if it is the same anthrax contracted by the patient or how the patient contracted the anthrax.

One current theory for the woman's contraction of the infection centers on anthrax spores that became airborne during the drum circle through vigorous drum playing. As part of that theory, the woman would have ingested the spores.

Approximately 60 people attended a Center drumming event on December 4 and an additional 20 people worked or lived in the building at the time.