Three samples test positive for anthrax in N.H.

Three samples tested by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human services have now been confirmed as positive for anthrax.

The tests follow the recent contraction of bacterial anthrax by a New Hampshire woman who is currently in critical condition in a New Hampshire hospital.

The Stafford County woman is believed to have contracted the anthrax infection following a drum circle she attended at the University of New Hampshire. Hazmat employees have been collecting samples from the United Campus Ministry to determine the source of the infection.

The third sample - an environmental sample - was collected from a Durham, N.H., United Campus Ministry building over the weekend.

The building has been shut down by officials following the discovery of two drums and electrical outlet found to be positive for anthrax spores. Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Nicholas Toumpas ordered the closing.

The two drums, which were stored at the Ministry building, were found earlier to be positive for anthrax. Further samples have been submitted by the Public Health Labs from the drums and from the patient to determine if they are the same.

"This new information indicates there is a low level of contamination in the drum room at the Ministry building," Dr. Elizabeth Talbot, medical advisor to DPHS, told