Second anthrax death in Glasgow, more cases being investigated

A second Glasgow heroin user has died from an anthrax infection, health officials have confirmed.

The man, who was being treated at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, was one of at least four heroin users to test positive for an anthrax infection.

The first death came last week at the city's Victoria Infirmary. That death was confirmed by health officials to come as a result of contracting anthrax. A woman at that hospital, also a heroin user, is thought to be infected with anthrax and is being treated currently.

The fourth confirmed anthrax infection was recently confirmed in Lanarkshire. The infected, also a drug-injecting heroin user, is being treated at Monklands District General Hospital.

A third drug user's death is currently under investigation as to whether or not it was anthrax related, though no confirmation has been announced yet.

There have been no new drug injecting heroin users with infections admitted to hospitals in the west of Scotland since the weekend," Dr. Syed Ahmed, a consultant on public health medicine, told Digital Journal. "I urge all drug injecting heroin users to be extremely alert and to seek urgent medical advice if they experience an infection. Drug injecting is extremely risky and dangerous. The possible presence of a batch of heroin contaminated with anthrax makes drug injecting even riskier and even more dangerous."