Pennsylvania hospitals given grant to fight bioterror and pandemics

Jameson and Ellwood City hospitals in Pennsylvania will receive a $1.6 million grant award to aid them in their fight against bioterrorism and pandemics.

The U.S. Defense Department grant, announced last week by U.S. Rep. Jason Altmire, will allow health-surveillance technology to be manufactured and equipped by the ProcessProxy Corporation of Ellwood City for Lawrence County medical providers.

The health-surveillance technology will allow for the detection of bioterrorism and pandemic diseases while also improving patient care.

The Ellwood City Hospital features a 46-bed medical surgical unit, a 6-bed intensive coronary care unit, an 8-bed maternity unit, a 10-bed geriatric psychiatry unit and a 25-bed skilled nursing unit. The Jameson Memorial Hospital features 175 beds.

ProcessProxy's Terry Rasjasenan told that the funding will create 12 hardware and software engineering jobs in Lawrence County. ProcessProxy is currently located at the offices of Dr. Vaudevan Rajasenan, an Ellwood City cardiologist.

The grant will also aid in the implementation of electronic health-record systems at Jameson and Ellwood City hospitals and medical offices county-wide, allowing data to be shared while treating patients who normally receive care at another facility.

Additionally, robotic technology will be manufactured by ProcessProxy in Ellwood City that will be utilized to analyze disease trends and facilitate new disease-prevention strategies.