No more reported anthrax infections in Scotland

No new cases of anthrax have arisen several days after two Glasgow heroin users tested positive for anthrax infections, health officials have said.

Officials across the nation, however, are remaining vigilant for potential new cases.

One heroin user at Glasgow's Victoria Infirmary has already died as a result of an anthrax infection. A female heroin user also tested positive and remains in stable condition. Results from tests carried out on a third drug user, who is listed in stable condition at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, are still pending. Post-mortem examination results for the deceased man are expected next week.

All three cases are not currently being linked, though they do share the common theme of infections appearing in the area of the body that had been injected with heroin. Investigations by police and health officials are focusing on whether contaminated heroin or a contaminated cutting agent was responsible.

Christopher Norris was the last person to die of an anthrax infection in Scotland. Norris, a 50-year-old craftsman, used untreated animal hides to make drums. Anthrax is most commonly found in hoofed animals, including cattle, sheep and goats, and Norris died from inhaling anthrax spores. A London drum maker also died last November from inhaled anthrax spores after handling imported animal skins.