General Physics Corporation honored for training of first responders

General Physics Corporation has been honored with a 2009 Most Innovative Training Award by the Arkansas Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development for its work in training first responders in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection, protection and decontamination.

General Physics Corporation, the operating subsidiary of GP Strategies Corporation, was recognized for making innovative contributions in the field of Human Resources Development and for taking its training program to the "next level."

More than 90,000 first responders have been provided with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection training, including over 2,500 in 25 agencies in Arkansas, by General Physics Corporation over the last eight years as part of its Domestic Preparedness Equipment Training Assistance Program. Additionally, protection and decontamination equipment has been provided by General Physics Corporation to students representing 1,600 agencies in 48 states.

"We are truly honored to recognize organizations that go above and beyond the basic requirements of training and HRD, especially those that can sustain the performance over many years," Jeanie Filter, president of the Arkansas Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development, said. "We really appreciate the extraordinary support that GP's Pine Bluff office, especially Cliff Brown [Board Member and Programs Chairperson], gives to our chapter."