Anthrax scare at American Express headquarters

The American Express headquarters at 3 World Financial Center in New York City had to evacuate three floors of the building following an anthrax scare recently.

Several suspicious envelopes containing what was described as a white, powdery substance were found in the company's office. AmEx officials immediately contacted authorities and the building's 39th, 40th and 51st floors - where the envelopes were found - were evacuated. The heating and air-conditioning system in the building was also immediately turned off.

Some employees who came into contact with the envelopes were scrubbed down by hazmat crews. Toxicity tests on the envelopes have yet to be revealed. No injuries were reported according to the police, and three people were believed to be exposed to the powder.

Police officials have said that seven envelopes in total were sent to various Manhattan locations, including the JP Morgan headquarters, but no indication of them being a real threat was revealed. All of the letters, a Maryland official said, were sent from Maryland.

This newest scare follows one in November when six United Nations missions received envelopes containing a white powder that turned out to be harmless.

A spokesman for the police department said that the AmEx envelopes appeared to have been sent from a different sender than the November envelopes.