Israel to require infrastructure companies to purchase bio-protection suits

A directive has been issued, in the face of potential biological and chemical attacks, by the Israel Defense Forces' Home Front Command to national infrastructure companies to purchase active protection full-body suits to allow them to operate in contaminated zones.

Companies that are subject to the required directive include the Israel Electric Corporation, the Mekorot National Water Company and local and regional councils. The purchase of the suits will allow all municipal services to continue providing to the public following an attack.

"These companies will need to continue working even after a non-conventional attack," Col. Hilik Sofer, head of the Population Department at the Home Front Command, told The Jerusalem Post.

Elementary school teachers will also be provided with emergency training by the Home Front Command. That information will be given to students to inform them of what to do in the event of an attack. Currently, fifth graders are taught a seminar by the Home Front Command but the new directive requires that, starting in first grade, students be informed about missile attacks and emergency conduct.
Employees at large factories and officers have also participated in a specially-designed Home Front Command course that trains them on what measures to take in the even of an attack. More than 2,600 people have participated in the course, which also teaches the employees how to prepare their workplace for emergency situations.