Medizone International announces positive sporicidal test results for its AsepticSure technology

Medizone International, Inc., has announced that its proprietary AsepticSure technology has continuously broken decontamination barriers in tests, establishing it as an extremely potent sporicidal technology.

AsepticSure, in tests, broke "6 log" decontamination barriers with the two very different spore forming bacteria Claustridium difficile and Bacillis subtilis.

"The implications of a 6.7 log reduction (99.99997 %) in C difficile are indeed significant for the entire health care system," Dr Michael Shannon, director of medical affairs for Medizone, said. "However, even though our findings for Bicillis subtilis are preliminary, the potential of being able to eliminate 99.999992% (7.2 log kill) of an internationally accepted surrogate for Anthrax in 90 minutes will have national security implications."

A field hardened variant of AsepticSure currently being readied for testing is believed by Medizone to provide wide biodefense applications through its easy deployment in response to a terrorist assault.

"Following the impressive results recently announced for MRSA, we immediately began to assess the capability of AsepticSure using the same updated technology with the spore forming bacteria C difficile, which is ubiquitous within hospitals and chronic care centers," Edwin Marshall, Medizone's CEO, said. "Following those results we then worked with Bicillis subtilis, which represents the infamous and highly lethal terrorist agent, Anthrax. In both cases, these two pathogens remain very resistant to standard decontamination procedures and hence, seeing our technology virtually annihilate these two difficult spore formers has lead Medizone to a parallel track of development with its AsepticSure(TM) technology which we are convinced will open up the possibility for commercialization in both arenas."