European Defense Agency announces plans for biological explosives disposal training

Plans to organize a biological, chemical and radiological explosives ordnance disposal training exercise have been announced by the European Defense Agency.

The European Defense Agency, in conjunction with the Belgium Engineer Department, has released plans to host the CBR Explosives Ordnance Disposal Table Top Exercise, which will include training from experts as part of a comprehensive effort aimed at fostering technical capabilities to counter improvised explosive devices.

The event will have leading defense CBRN and EOD defense experts from across Europe in attendance who will be given the opportunity to develop their own knowledge while sharing their own experience and looking for collaborative development opportunities.

Improvised explosive devices, or IEDs as they are commonly known, have evolved from a simple explosive threat to one containing chemical or biological material. These new IEDs require next-generation technologies and new techniques to allow armed forces in Europe to capably respond to potential incidents.

A recent report stated that an attack from an IED, particularly in an asymmetric environment, is increasingly becoming a significant concern for all European Armed Forces. The report concludes that it is only a matter of time before such an IED is used by terrorists.

The CBR Explosives Ordnance Disposal table Top Exercise is scheduled for December 6 through December 11 at the Belgium Joint CBRN Center.