UAE officials given bioterrorism training

The United Arab Emirates is not currently facing a bioterrorism threat but it is not taking any chances.

Preparedness, Colonel Ali Salem Al Khayal, head of Interpol Abu Dhabi said, is the key when it comes to making sure that the public is kept safe.

The nation could also be affected by attacks on other locations int he world, Al Khayal said while attending an Interpol training session hosted by the UAE Interior ministry.

Al Khayal called bioterrorism a serious threat, noting that its potential to affect the public at large makes it a matter of concern for law enforcement worldwide.

Nations must continually cooperate with each other to face the constantly changing and emerging challenges presented by bioterrorism, Al Khayal said. Additionally, each nation must ensure that it properly trains its human resources to react to a bio attack and equip its responders properly.

To that end, 30 UAE officials from various forces, including the police, rescue and emergency management, health authorities, customs, armed forces and the national emergency and crisis management authority attended the Interior ministry's training session, which was devised by Interpol are was delivered by experts from 11 countries.

Similar training exercises were held in 2007 in Muscat to provide training in identifying and tackling bioterrorism.