Chemical and biological attacks simulated in Israel

Israel has finished civilian exercises to aid in preparing its citizens for a chemical attack.

Chemical attack were brought home to Israelis during the first Gulf War in early 1991, when fears were raised by 39 Scud missiles launched by Iraq that many feared contained chemical agents. Citizens sealed rooms and donned gas masks to protect themselves during that war.

Many Israeli citizens continue to keep potential sealed rooms stocked and gas masks at hand, just in case. Stories have also filtered to the nation's citizens of the Iran's potential military capabilities and the growing missile ranges of Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south.

Under the many potential threats, the Israeli government simulated a chemical warfare drill recently, including mass simulated casualties. Approximately seven million citizens took part in the preparedness drill, taking refuge in shelters.

As part of the drill, Haredi Jews played the role of fatalities at a Jerusalem shopping mall while rescue workers equipped with protective suits practiced their chemical weapons attack training.

Unconventional methods of attack such as biological and chemical weapons were also simulated by Israeli and U.S. armies last month as part of a joint preparedness drill.

A U.S. Army spokesman noted that the training drill was necessary to prepare for any possible attack scenario.