NIAID to fund development of Emergent BioSolutions' vaccine candidate

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Emergent BioSolutions Inc. announced Sept. 30 that it was awarded a cooperative agreement from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to further the development of one of Emergent BioSolutions’ advanced anthrax vaccine candidates known as dmPA7909.

The novel vaccine candidate is designed to have the potential to confer a rapid immune response following only doses, long-term stability to enable ambient storage in the Strategic National Stockpile, and the potential to be distributed in a national emergency without the need for cold storage.

“We are excited about receiving NIAID funding support for dmPA7909, one of Emergent’s next generation anthrax vaccine candidates in development,” said W. James Jackson, senior vice president and chief scientific officer of Emergent BioSolutions.

“We look forward to advancing dmPA7909, along with our other vaccine and therapeutic candidates in our anthrax program, as we continue to support the U.S. government’s approach of funding the development of multiple medical countermeasures against the threat of bioterrorism.”

This funding of $4.9 million over two years provides for the manufacturing of clinical lots, non-clinical safety and efficacy studies, and stability studies to demonstrate whether the vaccine candidate can withstand high temperatures.

Emergent BioSolutions’ anthrax program consists of a licensed vaccine and several novel vaccines and immune-related therapeutics in development.