Pulmatrix receives grant to develop inhaled influenza therapeutics

LEXINGTON, Mass. — Pulmatrix, a clinical stage biotechnology company, announced Nov. 2 that it has been awarded a $2.2 million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases aimed at advancing the development of novel influenza therapeutics for the treatment of seasonal and pandemic influenza.

Pulmatrix is discovering and developing a new class of therapies for the treatment and prevention of infectious and progressive respiratory diseases.

Its proprietary technology for treating influenza was identified as one of the most promising new approaches to support NIAID's Strategic Plan for Biodefense Research, which emphasizes the development of broad-spectrum therapeutics to address high-priority infectious agents. The award will support ongoing preclinical studies to extend the spectrum and efficacy of PUR003, a Pulmatrix drug compound.

"This award validates that our novel inhaled therapies — which have the unique ability to treat and prevent a broad range of infections from different airborne viruses, bacteria or 'bugs' — represent a promising approach to address respiratory diseases in a fundamentally new way," said Robert Connelly, CEO of Pulmatrix.