States, municipalities could get biological agent detection kits

Universal Detection Technology, a developer of early warning monitoring technologies and counter-terrorism training programs, announced Oct. 19 that it is preparing for inclusion in a disaster preparedness contract established in New York after Sept. 11, 2001.

The Hazardous Incident Response Equipment contract is a type that provides for an indefinite quantity of supplies or services during a fixed period of time.

"Universal Detection Technology's addition to HIRE allows states and municipalities to quickly equip first responders and law enforcement agencies with the tools needed to combat bioterrorism threats," said Jacques Tizabi, chief executive of Universal Detection Technology.

UDT's addition to HIRE has been approved by the contract manager for New York’s Office of General Services and is pending final approval from the state's comptroller.

Universal Detection Technology's distributor is Strategic Response Initiatives, whose customers include the Department of Homeland Security, State Department, the U.S. Marine Corps’ Chemical Biological Incident Response Force and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

In addition to New York, the contract is reciprocal in 14 other states, including California, Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida and Arizona.

Universal Detection Technology's kits detect up to five biological warfare agents: anthrax; ricin; botulinum toxin; Y. pestis (plague); and Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B. Detection time is less than three minutes.