It can happen here, and it pays to be ready

PALM BEACH – Don’t think it can’t happen here. It can. And, if it does, Palm Beach Fire-Rescue will be ready for it.

The emergency unit is preparing for a pandemic or bio-terrorism attack that may never happen, but would require a quick and coordinated response if it did.

Just in case, Palm Beach will be ready to distribute free preventive antibiotics and other medications provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Palm Beach County Health Department.

Having smaller distribution centers in Palm Beach and other communities throughout the county eliminates the need for a mass distribution system during an emergency.

"Palm Beach Fire-Rescue is working with the health department to train our members in the proper procedures for distribution of supplies," said Darrel Donatto, EMS division chief for Palm Beach Fire-Rescue. "We will also be working with the police department to ensure security for such an effort."