PositiveID: Phase II tests on Firefly Dx detection device a success

PositiveID Corp., a developer of biological detection and diagnostics solutions, said on Wednesday that it successfully completed additional tests on its phase II Firefly Dx prototype handheld, real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) pathogen detection system, which can detect multiple organisms.

The company said the device can perform lab-quality analysis without a large and cumbersome amount of laboratory equipment.

The company also said the device has applications to provide quick diagnostics in the field, such as in remote areas where standard lab testing would be impossible or difficult to perform.

“The ability to quickly test for multiple organisms from a single sample and identify the cause of symptoms in a patient without having to run several tests, we believe, will not only save time and money in clinical situations, but more importantly will improve treatment and outcomes,” William Caragol, chairman and CEO of PositiveID, said. “We are very proud of our continued progress and validation of our technology and design.”

The next phase for the company would be to refine the device's ability to accept additional assays developed by the company itself or cartridges from third-party entities and partner companies.