South Korea upgrades missile defense system

South Korea has awarded Raytheon Company a $769.4 million contract for an upgraded Patriot Air and Missile Defense System, the nation announced Monday.

This upgrade allows for improved detection of targets and improved user interfaces that use touchscreen technology. It also has open network architecture so that it can operate on a multitude of network configurations.

"The upgrade enhances the Republic of Korea's defenses and underscores the value of the 13-nation strong Patriot partnership which funded development of the modernization," Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems President Dan Crowley said. "The Republic of Korea's procurement is also an economic growth engine which will bring good jobs to Korea and preserve jobs in the U.S which would have gone overseas if a foreign system was selected."

Previously, the South Korean government awarded the company a $160 million contract in order to upgrade its missiles to the improved GEM-T configuration. According to Raytheon, the Patriot system air and missile defense system is able to eliminate and protect against ballistics, unmanned aircraft and other threats of that nature.

The company focuses on a range of services in defense and security markets.