AIRES system enters clinical trials

The Luminex ARIES System
The Luminex ARIES System | Courtesy of Luminex Corp.
Luminex Corp.'s ARIES System and HSV 1&2 Assay have entered the clinical trial phase, the company announced on Monday.

The system aims to streamline laboratory procedure and to enhance testing efficiency with internal scanning that minimizes error from operators. Each unit has two bays that can hold up to six cassettes, allowing for batch testing and identification. An integrated PC eliminates the need for an external computer and monitors and other peripherals.

Multiple labs nationwide are taking part in testing the system and the company predicts submission to the Food and Drug Administration this summer.

"We are excited to announce the start of ARIES clinical trials as planned, which represents a key milestone in our commercial launch schedule," Luminex President and CEO Homi Shamir said. "Because we designed ARIES to be an easy-to-use solution that solves many of the problems and challenges laboratories face each day, we are highly optimistic in the market potential for this innovative platform. We continue to advance along our projected launch schedule, and expect to initiate clinical trials for additional ARIES assays in the coming months. With ARIES, we are solidifying a platform which we expect will accelerate growth for years to come."

The company specializes in technology that aims to improve health care and other highly scientific fields.