Smiths Detection to supply mobile inspection systems to Paraguay

Smiths Detection and its local partner Grupo Empresarial Preven-Tec S.A. announced on Tuesday that they were successful in gaining a contract to supply high-energy inspection systems to the Customs Office of Paraguay.
HCVMe35 systems is the large scale unit to be utilized, and they have the ability to scan entire trucks. The smaller ScanVan 8585 is a mobile checkpoint system that allows a low-energy solution for small packages and other remote applications.
"Our e35 series of cutting-edge high-energy inspection systems is combined with strong local service capabilities in an easy-to-use package for a range of environments," said Eduardi Parodi, Smiths Detection vice president of LAC and U.S. Regional Sales. "Our solutions allow government agencies like Paraguayan Customs to make fast and effective decisions in their efforts to intercept contraband and collect duties while ensuring an optimized flow of goods through its country. The proven support and expertise of Preven-Tec is a key contributor to winning this latest award.”
Smiths Detection specializes in security detection devices that can expose potential threats including weapons, chemical or biological agents, explosives and other forms of contraband.
Preven-Tec has been a leading supplier of X-ray technology for a number of different security applications. They will be providing local support for the systems from Smiths.