Firefly Dx testing yields promising results

Firefly Dx, the handheld device from PositiveID Corporation, successfully produced results within 20 minutes during its first round of the second phase of testing, the company announced on Thursday.

The device studies polymerase chain reactions (PCR) in order to determine a number of infectious agents and other biological threats. According to the announcement, the device performed as well as lab-based equipment that uses PCRs to provide results.

"Having recently completed our Firefly Dx breadboard prototype, these initial positive results of our new PCR chip, which could fundamentally change the real-time PCR industry, are very encouraging," Chairman and CEO of PositiveID, William Caragol, said. "These test results also validate our approach covered in the PCR chip patent application we just filed. Our Firefly Dx testing and development continues to progress on schedule."

With this stage of the testing process completed, the optimization of testing and broadening the testing spectrum are the next steps forward.

The idea behind the device is to fill the need of having a reliable diagnostic tool that can be used in the field or in remote locations where traditional lab equipment would not be available or would be cumbersome to use efficiently in emergency and first-response applications.