Toulouse-Blagnac Airport to deploy Smiths security system

Smiths Detection, Inc. has made its way into its first airport in France, as Toulouse-Blagnac Airport will deploy its Checkpoint.Evo system.

According a recent announcement, the system is able to provide a full network of sensors that can provide data in real time that allows for efficiency in security.

"Checkpoint.Evo will significantly improve Toulouse-Blagnac Airport’s operational efficiency and checkpoint effectiveness, enhancing the overall passenger experience as a result," Capability Manager Kevin Riordan said. ”We look forward to working closely with them to ensure the operational benefits of this new integrated system are maximized.”

The system is developed in a partnership between the company and Optosecurity, based in Canada. The system should be fully implemented by June.

The system features recheck markers that indicate suspicious items that can be examined further by security personnel. It also features a centralized screening that is remote and allows X-ray scanners to be monitored away from the physical checkpoint.

Smiths specializes in security solutions and systems to serve military and civil markets. They have also manufactured devices that are able to detect chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats alongside weapons and narcotics detection and identification.