PyroGenesis announces chemical warfare elimination system

PyroGenesis announced on Monday that it has entered the second phase of a development project to develop a system that uses plasma to eliminate chemical agents, ones which could be used in war or other terrorist activities.

In the first phase of the project, the company planned out and designed the system. Now, they are ready to fabricate and manufacture the physical embodiment of the system. Clients can expect to be able to test the product in the third quarter of 2015. According to the announcement, the testing investments have reached over $100 million. 

“Although we are not privy to the timing of commercial orders, or the number of units that may be ordered upon successful testing, we are led to believe that given the nature of the project, and the funds being allocated to testing, there is an immediate need for multiple systems,” President and CEO of PyroGenesis, P. Peter Pascali, said.

This system has been designed to be mobile and to be able to eliminate a large quantity of chemical agents safely and efficiently. Recent events in Syria have highlighted the need for this kind of technology, according to the report.

Currently, chemical weapon elimination is being handled by U.S. Army technology.

During the kick-off meeting, representatives from the company discussed the next steps for the projects, as well as the services they would be able to provide, which include training and support services to clients.