DCP seeks policy offer in Victoria, Australia

The Security and Emergency Management Branch within the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) is seeking a Policy Officer for Victoria, Australia.

Based in Melbourne, this branch provides advice to the government on issues of emergencies, crises and security threats and provides support and aid through the Natural Disaster Assistance Unit and the State Crisis Centre. As a policy officer, a candidate would be responsible for advising the premier and other government officials on policy and implications of measures taken in the realms of emergency and security management from other departments and agencies.

This position also contributes to research projects and analysis in relation to policy, and acts as a liaison to departments and agencies within and outside of DPC. Policy officers are expected to provide administrative and policy support to state and national emergency response and management efforts, and to manage briefings and other forms of correspondence that can include investigation and analytical work on sensitive issues.

Candidates should have project management experience and have an extensive knowledge of policy and contemporary events. Excellent communication skills and knowledge of how the government and the department function will be necessary. Qualified candidates will be able to work with complex concepts, communicate with ease and be able to work and build relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

Interested individuals should apply by March 10 on the Victoria State Government website.