DSACEUR visits Albania, meets with officials

NATO reported on Friday that the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Gen. Sir Adrian Bradshaw, met with Albanian officials about restructuring the NATO Response Force (NRF).

Hybrid threat mitigation and management are the projected focal points of this restructured force. The first maneuver would be to expand the size of the NRF to be able to better handle hybrid threats. 

"NATO nations are resolute in their determination to respond to emerging security challenges from both the south and east, as evidenced by our ongoing and robust assurance measures, and our rapid establishment of an interim VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force) capability,” Bradshaw said. "Every single ally, no matter how large or small, is committed to the implementation of NATO’s Readiness Action Plan, and I am pleased that Albania is contributing to our largest collective training event for 2015, Exercise Trident Juncture."

The VJTF would consist of approximately 5,000 troops, and it would be supported by air, naval and maritime forces. According to the report, aspects of these would be ready to deploy within two days of any indication of hybrid threat activity. 

During his visit, Bradshaw also met with a unit within the Albanian Special Forces both to inspect military exercises and interact with individual soldiers.

"Albania is a relatively new member of NATO, and its troops have already made significant contributions to NATO operational missions,” Bradshaw said.