Nalas to conduct defense research with DTRA award

Nalas Engineering Services, Inc. announced on Monday that they will be conducting research in combating and neutralizing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) with an award from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA.)
Current means of counter measures do not destroy a weapon without the risk of spreading the hazardous material into the area. The optimal counter measure would be able to eliminate the hazard and minimize potential damage or contamination of areas near the weapon. Research in this area indicates that Iodic acid has this potential, but it is not widely available due to difficulties with the manufacture of the agent in a cost effective and consistent manner which needs to be developed.
The main focus of the Nalas research is the development of manufacturing methodology to bring this agent to be commercially available.
The Nalas research support comes from the Thrust Area 4 division of the DTRA's Basin Research Program. According to the announcement this division supports numerous defense research measures against WMDs.
Nalas specializes in the development of cost-effective manufacturing processes for chemicals and other materials used in chemical engineering. They also develop the scaling up process so that materials can be produced on a commercial scale. They state that they are excited to be working on a project that will help ensure the safety of U.S. citizens and military personnel.