LANL unveils detection technology collaboration project

Scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) last week unveiled a collaborative project aimed at enhancing detection capabilities of explosives.

The Los Alamos Collaboration for Explosives Detection (LACED) online website serves as a information hub for the latest technology innovation and education in the detection field. The site has been active since January.

“We are addressing global security threats with a really clear, simple strategy,” a LANL representative said. “First, we emphasize explosives science; that is the core of everything we do. We anticipate and affect the outcome to our advantage, ensuring that the threats never come to fruition. We detect, minimizing loss of life from immediate threats. And we mitigate and neutralize to counter damage from explosives.”

As part of the project, experts will provide training in 11 fields and 18 technical divisions. Currently there are 57 scientists working with the lab. Special training classes focus on homemade bombs and other explosives for military and ordinance disposal technicians. They also provide insight in the development of novel technologies to detect these items and materials. 

“We are closely tied with many U.S. government agencies involved in explosives and detection, and we have partnerships with industry on explosives detection technologies, and it is this work we seek to expand,” the LANL representative said.

Organizations looking to coordinate in this effort should send an email to