Bruker to fulfill order from Dutch Defence Materiel Organisation

The Bruker Detection Division recently won a contract to supply three reconnaissance vehicles to the Dutch Defence Materiel Organisation.

The vehicles will be utilized by firefighters and law enforcement officials at the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Response Unit in Vught. They will be equipped with remote-controlled robotics and sensors to provide rapid detection and assessment of a scene for emergency response teams.

"The award of this contract allows our client to take full advantage of our solutions-based capabilities," Sebastian Plath, president of Bruker Detection Division, said. "We meet the requirements of our customers by supplying their precise needs - ranging from the provision of a single detector all the way through to delivering complete turnkey solutions, such as these fully integrated reconnaissance vehicles. Our business has the expertise and flexibility to deliver low-volume specialist contracts, whilst having the competency to ensure we meet the clients’ operational requirements. Over the next two and a half years our experienced project managers and systems engineers will work closely with this client and ensure we deliver the contract on-time and within budget.”

Broker has contracted with Kenbri Firefighting BV to coordinate the configuration of the vehicles in the Netherland.