Florida man sentenced for toxin development, conspiracy to kill U.K. woman

A Florida man was sentenced Wednesday to over nine years in prison for the production and sale of deadly toxins and conspiracy to commit murder, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said.

In August, Jesse Korff pleaded guilty to five counts of producing, developing, possessing and transferring toxins such as ricin and abrin; five counts of smuggling deadly toxins; and one count of conspiracy to kill a woman in the U.K.

“Jesse Korff peddled his poison in a shadowy, online network favored by cybercriminals,” Fishman said. “He also offered guidance on its effective use, and his sentence today appropriately took account of his participation with an overseas customer in an attempted murder plot. Fortunately, law enforcement was able to intercede before Korff could conclude his deadly transaction.”

Korff was arrested in January 2014 after a joint investigation between U.S. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the FBI. Korff conducted business on an Internet marketplace known as the Black Market Reloaded. It was revealed that Korff sold and delivered a dose of abrin to an individual in London who reportedly planned to kill her mother. An undercover HSI agent intervened, leading to Korff's arrest when forensic analysis determined the compound was abrin.