NYC hiring emergency planner

New York City Emergency Management is hiring a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) planner.

The planner would work with all NYC Emergency Management units and divisions. Duties would involve managing, developing and maintaining a CBRNE hazard citywide emergency plan, and support and advise strategic planning with the health and medical unit on emergency CBRNE planning initiatives.

Responsibilities also include working with non-profit organizations, public, private and government agency, planning teams, and with the plan management director to develop planning procedures and benchmark existing plans.

The successful applicant would staff the city's Emergency Operations Center during emergencies and be expected to work non-business hours during those events.

Qualification requirements include a master's degree in public administration, emergency management, engineering, urban planning, political science, physical sciences, economics or a related field. One year of experience is required in the following fields: fire, police or military service, emergency management, public health, public safety, public administration, engineering, or urban planning.

Two years of professional experience in one of those fields and a bachelor's degree in the listed areas would also qualify a candidate. Additionally, a high school diploma or equivalent, and six years of full-time employment with two of those years in one of the areas listed would also qualify a candidate.

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