White House releases 2015 National Security Strategy

The White House released an overview on Friday of the National Security Strategy for 2015, which includes measures limiting nuclear proliferation and biological-threat preparedness.

In the strategy, President Barrack Obama expressed the desire to be a leading force in the global community. He names specific areas in leadership that the U.S. government and military will strive to abide by, including a pledge to lead with purpose and integrity, upholding the values of the nation at home and abroad.

Specifics of the strategy include developing capabilities to manage and prevent emerging biological threats, such as the Ebola virus, on the national and international stages. The U.S. also aims to limit nuclear weapons development and to ensure that nations deemed irresponsible do not have access or resources to pursue nuclear weapons development.

Obama pledges to work on compromise measures with Congress to end what he calls "draconian" cuts to national security programs resulting in allegedly weaker programs.

Within the strategy for national security are economic strategies to boost U.S. energy security, as well as the ability for businesses to grow through increased competition and other measures. The U.S. will take charge in efforts to limit poverty and strengthen food security.

Obama closes the overview with measures and pledges that he said would bolster international cooperation and order.