Clatsop County public health partners with other agencies to address bio-threats

The Department of Public Health for Clatsop County partners with local, state and federal agencies for a comprehensive approach to biological preparedness and response.

"Similar to the rest of the nation, health departments in partnership with preparedness and response partners such as emergency management, law enforcement, fire, hospitals, etc. coordinate to plan for and carry out responses to biological incidents," Clatsop County Department of Public Health Director Brian Mahoney said in a recent interview with BioPrepWatch.

Through coordination with other agencies, the health department is able to effectively cover all facets of a biological emergency, from health measures such as quarantine and treatment to emergency management roles such as facilitating response. The health department also maintains communication with the community through a Facebook page and emergency preparedness information on the county's website. One post details the warning signs of a potential bio-terrorism outbreak.

Clatsop County also follows federal guidelines regarding preparedness and response to biological issues.

"The State of Oregon and local health authorities maintain the prevention and response plans in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for biological incidents," Mahoney said. "In addition, we also address health risks local to Oregon."

To remain prepared going forward, Clatsop County is constantly scanning for potential threats and addressing them when necessary.

"We continue to look forward and prepare for evolving bio-threats," Mahoney said.