Marines looking for a few good hand-held biothreat detectors

The U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) is soliciting contractor bids for hand-held testing assays that detect biological warfare agents, the Marine Corps said recently.

The market research is expected to lead to a contract for approximately 480 hand-held combat devices and 450 training devices.

The MCSC encourages respondents to address whether their product meets or has potential to meet the following expectations: the ability to detect high concentrations of antigens with little to no false-negative results, the ability to yield results within 15 minutes, and the ability to be operated in the field by an individual wearing standard chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection suits and garments.

The MCSC also requests that the testing devices be durable enough to remain viable in storage for at least two years at room temperature. The devices should be able to indicate a positive result or a negative result clearly with visual, and preferably audible, alarms in place. The device should be able to identify and convey what type of antigen has been detected.

Written submissions should consist of a single PDF that indicates the company and testing-product information, as well as how much an order of the aforementioned size would cost. Responses should be sent electronically to the Safe Access File Exchange and allow access to, and by Feb. 11.