LANL introduces Biosurveillance Gateway

A team of scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) introduced an online system Monday that centralizes the lab's biosurveillance news, information, research and resources.

The Biosurveillance Gateway allows researchers from around the world to access data and other useful information on diseases and biological threats from a central hub.

“The projected audience would be health professionals in the U.S. and worldwide who need rapid reference materials immediately at hand so they can understand potential outbreaks and take related actions to help improve response times," project lead Alina Deshpande said.

Tools that are available include DNA sequencing for HIV, the historical strains of the Ebola virus, and other historical and bioinformatics data for contextualization. The web resource also leads users to LANL-developed resources, news and past presentations, and articles on bio-surveillance.

The team hopes to expand the resource to include other areas of LANL research and potentially offer ways to connect data with other national and international research sources in this area.

“With this website and associated tools, we offer a capability to enhance situational awareness and surveillance for infectious diseases worldwide, a major need that has been called out recently by experts in this field,” Deshpande said.