Xenex secures $25 million for R&D, expansion

Xenex's Germ-Zapping Robot is just one of its weapons for disinfecting hospitals.
Xenex's Germ-Zapping Robot is just one of its weapons for disinfecting hospitals. | Business Wire

Xenex Disinfection Services said on Tuesday that it had secured $25 million in new funding to help increase product development, international expansion and sales in the U.S.

Xenex, an automated environmental disinfection technology company, also said the funding included continued investments from Battery Ventures, Targeted Technology and RK Ventures, and a new partnership with Brandon Point Industries.

Part of the product development includes Xenex's Germ-Zapping Robot, which helps fight off health-care-associated infections (HAIs). Xenex's xenon Full Spectrum ultraviolet disinfection technology helps get rid of various bacteria, mold, viruses and fungi that are known to cause HAIs, the company said.

Xenex CEO Morris Miller said HAIs are a “global problem” and that the Germ-Zapping Robot will help create a safer health care environment.

Six peer-reviewed studies have been done on the robot, and three have shown a decrease in C. diff, MRSA and MDRO infections, Xenex said. Miller said that about 724 U.S. hospitals recently were fined over infections.

“We are positioned for growth in 2015 and beyond because we have a unique opportunity to do a service for humanity while having a dramatic impact on a hospital’s bottom line,” Miller said. “Concern over the spread of the Ebola virus has highlighted the fact that more can and should be done to improve the health care environment that is responsible for making patients and health care workers sick.”