Canada conducts Ebola rapid response team training

The Ebola virus
The Ebola virus

Dr. Gregory Taylor, Canada's chief public health officer, met with provincial health officials in New Brunswick on Friday to discuss and plan for Ebola and other potential medical outbreaks.

Dr. Eilish Cleary, chief medical officer of health for the province, and New Brunsick Health Minister Victor Boudreau joined Taylor in launching a joint exercise involving provincial health officials and federal response teams.

Boudreau stated that the meeting demonstrates the ability of health teams in different levels of government as well as other agencies to collaborate in a meaningful way that would help to prevent or curb a public health emergency.

“The government of Canada continues to work closely with its partners in health to ensure we are as prepared as possible in the event of a first case, and Canada's Ebola Rapid Response Teams are an essential component of our collaborative Ebola planning,” Taylor said. “Canada is fortunate to have a flexible, nimble model for rapid Ebola response, one that can deploy without hesitation when requested and adjust to varying needs from community to community.”

A number of different facets of response were tested and simulated during the training exercise to fine-tune the intergovernmental planning and collaboration. Areas explored and refined included biosafetly measures, communication, prevention and control of infection, epidemiology, and emergency operations.