U.N.: Nuclear arms proliferation threatens world anew

Acting Director-General of the United Nations' Conference on Disarmament Michael Moller gave the opening address at the conference's 2015 session on Tuesday in Geneva, Switzerland.

In his address Moller expressed concerns about the current state of those countries that possess nuclear weapons and their continued development and modernization, which could lead to advanced nuclear weapon technology proliferation, a move that Moller calls "retreating to the false security promised by doctrines of mutual destruction."

He said that through future development of nuclear weapons technology, these countries put the world at a greater risk of undoing 20 years' worth of disarmament work.

In his speech, he said the need for new arms control measures is becoming more apparent as regional tensions and conflicts grow, coupled with the potential impact of nuclear radiation on socio-economic and environmental aspects on society, as well as immediate and long-term death tolls from radiation exposure. Citing all of this, Moller said the international community cannot afford a Conference on Disarmament that does not pursue measures to curb these trends.

He did note with optimism the efforts of governments to pursue disarmament measures outside of the United Nations. In closing, he urged members of the conference that it is a shared responsibility to pursue global peace through nuclear disarmament.