Smiths Detection launches new airport security software

Security company Smiths Detection unveiled new software Sunday to help with inspections at airport security checkpoints.

The software, called Checkpoint.Evo, will connect individual sensors to a “fully networked checkpoint system,” the company said. The sensors provide real-time data collection and distribution to help improve the efficiency of the inspection process at airports.

Barrie Foley, vice president EMEA of Smiths Detection, said airports are faced with numerous challenges including an increase in passengers and security regulations that are always changing.

“Checkpoint.Evo meets both the current and future requirements of customers,” Foley said. “We are confident that this new solution will raise aviation security to unparalleled levels of performance and quality while maintaining the highest security standards.”

X-ray inspections of hand luggage can be monitored at a centralized remote screening area, which eliminates the noise and distractions at the checkpoints and helps speed up the process. Suspicious areas in bags are electronically marked, allowing a more focused search for illegal items by checkpoint operators.

Smiths Detection provides security solutions for the military and civil industries around the world. The company manufactures government-regulated products to help identify explosives, radiological and nuclear threats, weapons, chemical and biological agents, narcotics and contraband. The company is part of Smiths Group, which employs about 23,000 people in more than 50 countries.