Affinity Life Sciences to continue assay work with SRC Acumen

Affinity Life Sciences, Inc. announced on Jan. 16 that it would continue to produce bio-chemical assays that detect harmful biological and chemical agents with its partner company, SRC Acumen, LLC.

The assays are able to determine the existence of pathogens and toxic material in nearly real-time. They have been used by government and commercial entities for food and water quality testing, public health monitoring, and in areas of biosecurity and surveillance.

“SRC is expanding the limits of what’s possible in biodefense threat identification, advancing assay technologies that deliver fast, reliable and relevant information," Affinity Life Sciences President Tod Gavron said. "Their assays are valuable tools for critical decision makers in the field.”

Specific types of assays are able to detect chemical agents and neurotoxins including ricin, Botulinum neurotoxin A and Staphylococcus enterotoxin B. There also are specific assays that detect the pathogens responsible for the plague, anthrax, smallpox, brucellosis and Tularemia.

The assays are freeze-dried so that they can be easily used in the field and easily packaged.

“We required a teammate with the expertise needed to produce these important assays to ensure the highest quality for our customers," SRC Acumen President Paul Tremont said. "This collaboration with Affinity Life Sciences provides us with the capabilities needed for lyophilization, also known as freeze-drying, biomarker assay and quality control development and production.”