DNAe's nanoMR, Inc. acquisition enhances point-of-need technology

DNA Electronic, Ltd. (DNAe) announced Monday that it has acquired nanoMR, Inc.

DNAe is a medical device developer based in London that specializes in the development of testing tools used to detect infections in blood. It also patented DNA sequencing technology using semiconductors. With the Albuquerque, New Mexico, medical developer, this acquisition allows the company to use the Pathogen Capture System (PCS), an immunomagnetic system developed by nanoMR alongside their Genalysis PCR and DNA sequencing technology, to provide a more comprehensive solution in detecting blood infections.

The PCS is capable of detecting and targeting rare cell types at levels of one cell or 1 mL, and is able to produce a reading within 30 minutes.

DNAe is now in development of an instrument that will be able to produce a result within two to three hours of sampling that integrates technology from both companies in the form of a consumable cartridge.

"The acquisition of the nanoMR technology and team underscores our commitment to developing a complete point-of-need solution for diagnosis of infectious diseases, particularly those that cause sepsis, where speed and DNA-specific information can make the difference between life and death," DNAe Chairman and CEO Chris Toumazou said. "nanoMR brings a game-changing technology, a wealth of scientific expertise and the potential for exciting new applications to DNAe."

Both companies will continue under the DNAe name, and facilities will continue to operate in both the U.S. and the U.K. Together, they will employ more than 80 staff members.