Davie, Fla., CERT ready to respond if summoned in an emergency

Davie Fire Rescue Assistant Fire Chief and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) leader Julie Downey said that no one is completely prepared for a biological attack, in an interview with BIoPrepWatch.com.

Although complete preparation is difficult, maybe impossible, Davie Fire Rescue has resources available and would use them in the event of a biological outbreak or attack. One of those resources is Davie’s Community Emergency Response team. CERT members would assist with a point of distribution if the Department of Health of Broward County deemed one necessary, Downey said.

“The town of Davie Fire and Rescue works closely with the Department of Health of Broward County and their Biowatch program,” Downey said.

The town of Davie Fire Rescue CERT program offers two basic 8-week trainings throughout the year and additional training every other month, following completion of initial training. Since the program’s establishment, nearly 300 individuals have been schooled in the CERT basic training course, or more than 13 classes.