Fine named chair of GVN board of directors

The coalition of virus research centers, Global Virus Network (GVN), has appointed N. Scott Fine to chair its board of directors, it announced on Thursday.

Fine has worked in multiple companies specializing in investment banking, restructuring of corporations and strategic advising. Much of his work involved companies in the biotechnology, health care and medical device industries.

“Mr. Fine brings not only exceptional business skills and acumen to GVN but an undeniable passion for improving the health of humanity,” said Dr. Robert Gallo, GVN co-founder and director of GVN's Center of Excellence at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. “We are delighted to be able to call him colleague, partner and chairman.”

Fine advised Research Medical which led to an equity alliance with The Tempo Group from Indonesia, and most recently he has served as the chairman of the board of directors at CTD Holdings, Inc. This biotechnology company has been developing a treatment option for Niemann-Pick Type C, a progressive neurological disease that is fairly rare but often fatal in children.

According to GVN President Sharon Hrynkow, the Ebola crisis in West Africa is a critical moment for public health and it signifies the importance of the bridging of academia and the private sector in the development of drugs and treatments.

"Mr. Fine brings knowledge and insights that we know will propel us forward in meeting our vital goals," Hrynkow said.