Army seeks market research on countermeasures to treat antibiotic resistant microbes

The U.S. Army is seeking research into the availability of countermeasures that can treat symptoms of multidrug-resistant bacteria, a General Services Administration website posting said Monday.

The notice said information being gathered in this area is for planning purposes. The posting said it is not a call for proposals.

The Biological Defense Therapeutics Medical Counter Measure Systems Joint Project Management Office is focusing resources to the development of platform technologies and countermeasures against biological threats that are resistant to most forms of antibacterials. The Countermeasures for Multi-Drug Resistance - Bacterial program aims to develop therapeutic solutions to alleviate biological warfare agents for which the uses of current countermeasures are ineffective.

The program is considering multiple options, including the combination of current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatments.

Interested parties should have medical countermeasures that follow the following criteria partially or in full: countermeasures that are either FDA approved or in development, that are meant to treat illnesses caused by bacterial pathogens and have attained Quantitative Technology Readiness Level 6 or higher. Countermeasures that are being developed to treat conditions such as tularemia, anthrax, brucellosis, glanders, plague and melioidosis are of high interest.

Responses should address the potential that the countermeasures could be used in the treatment of drug-resistant bacteria. Responses should not exceed 10 single-sided pages. Submissions must be sent via email to Jeremy Michaels,