One new case of dengue fever confirmed in Hong Kong

Mosquitoes transmit dengue fever.
Mosquitoes transmit dengue fever.

The Center for Health Protection in Hong Kong confirmed 110 cases of dengue fever so far this year, including a new case that was reported between in the last week. 

The newest case involved a patient who traveled to Malaysia during the incubation period. Of all the cases of dengue fever reported this year, three have been local and 107 have been imported into Hong Kong.

There is no known vaccine for dengue fever, a common mosquito-borne disease.

The health center said the best way to avoid contracting the disease is to rid areas of standing water that can serve as breeding grounds for mosquitos. Standing water can gather in used cans or containers in garbage cans, and in planting containers. The center recommends changing flower vases at least once a week, and covering all containers, wells and water storage areas.

The health center also advised travelers to wear long-sleeved, loose and light-colored clothing. Also, using mosquito repellant with DEET on exposed skin and clothing, and guarding rooms without air conditioning with mosquito screens and nets will also help prevent the spread of the disease.

Between 2004 and 2013, 505 cases of dengue fever were reported in Hong Kong, with no fatalities.