Global Virus Network elects four board members, appoints two senior advisers

GVN named four new members to its Board of Directors
GVN named four new members to its Board of Directors | GVN

Four new members joined the board of directors and two senior advisers were appointed, according to an announcement by the Global Virus Network on Tuesday.

Mary Jane Gallo, Glenda Gray, William Kirwan and Raymond Schinazi will join the board of directors, and Prudence Bushnell and Neal Lane will come on as senior advisers to the leading medical virology research center.

Gallo is a retired health management professional, and “long-time ardent supporter of biomedical research” related to the fight against HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. Gray is currently the president of the Medical Research Council of South Africa. Kirwan is the chancelor of the University System of Maryland. Schinazi is a professor of pediatrics and director of the laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology at Emory University.

Bushnell is currently serving as the CEO of Sage Associates and is the founder of the Levitt Leadership Institute at Hamilton College. Lane was the science adviser to the U.S. President Bill Clinton between 1998 and 2001, and currently serves as the senior fellow in science and technology policy at Baker Institute.

“As GVN continues to grow, these new board members and senior advisers will enhance GVN’s global reach and help GVN realize its mission to advance research on all viral diseases, including those with pandemic potential; to train the next generation of medical virologists; to educate the public on viral threats and scientific responses; and, to advocate for support for the medical virology field,” said Dr. Robert Gallo, co-founder of GVN.

GVN Board Chairman Tim Moynahan welcomed the new members, and said the board was looking forward to building on its successes over the last year.

GVN was founded in 2011 by Robert Gallo, the late Dr. Reinhard Kurth of Germany and Dr. William Hall.