Sandia Labs seeks partners for Ebola detection device

Sandia National Laboratories wants to partner with companies to create a fast-acting detection system for Ebola and related viruses.

The lab, managed by a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation, recently developed a detection device for the bacteria behind anthrax infections. It is the size of a credit card and is a stand-alone system that is ideal for low-resource environments and in the field. It is similar to a pregnancy test, and can be used by individuals with little to no medical or technical knowledge. It also has self-propelled decontamination and sterilization, leaving little risk to the user.

Researchers at the lab believe this technology can be adapted for Ebola viruses and related filoviruses.

Sandia is looking for a partner with experience and expertise in developing bioanalytical devices, specifically ones used to identify pathogens; experience in low-cost manufacturing of these devices; and those with low-resource device experience.

Companies should also be able to afford the funding and be able to present a strategy for the enhancement of this technology.

Partnering companies may sign a Cooperative Research & Development Agreement or a Work for Others agreement with Sandia National Labs.

Interested parties should contact Jason Harper at

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