Rowan County Emergency Services utilizes three divisions to respond to bio-emergencies

Rowan County Emergency Services in North Carolina consists of three divisions, each playing a distinct role in the event of an emergency -- emergency management, emergency medical services and fire.

In the event of a biological emergency, each division would undertake appropriate responsibilities to ensure prevention, response and recovery.

"For prevention, emergency management plays the most significant role working and coordinating with our local health and human service agencies with preparedness planning efforts," Frank Thomason, chief of emergency services for Rowan County, recently told BioPrepWatch. "For response, all three divisions work in concert together to provide coordination during the event, field level manpower response services for fire and medical, and post recovery functions after the event is ended."

Residents can stay updated on the latest details regarding these types of incidents through a variety of outlets.

"Citizens are able to obtain information from our county health department by personal visit, phone, email and social media," Thomason said. "The county government's preparedness webpage ( allows citizens access to research, view and download information to be better aware and prepared for these types of events."

Overall, the connection between the three divisions of emergency services and additional departments throughout the county is what keeps residents prepared.

"We have a very close working relationship with all of our preparedness and response partners," Thomason said. "This provides a solid foundation for our community to be as best prepared as possible for not only these types of events but all multi-hazards."