G-20 leaders call for more support to Ebola-affected countries

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G-20 leaders in Brisbane, Australia, called for more help to the governments of countries most affected by the Ebola virus.

A statement released this weekend said Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are “making tremendous efforts” to combat the outbreak of the virus, but the international community should also do its part.

“G-20 members are committed to do what is necessary to ensure the international effort can extinguish the outbreak and address its medium-term economic and humanitarian costs,” the statement said. “We will work through bilateral, regional and multilateral channels and in partnership with nongovernmental stakeholders.”

The statement commended the efforts of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF) in their support of the affected countries, and welcomed the IMF's initiative to make $300 million available to stem the outbreak.

“This outbreak illustrates the urgency of addressing longer-term systemic issues and gaps in capability, preparedness and response capacity that expose the global economy to the impacts of infectious disease,” the statement said. “To this end, and in the context of our broader efforts to strengthen health systems globally, we commit to support others to implement the IHR (World Health Organization's International Health Regulations) and to build capacity to prevent, detect, report early and rapidly respond to infectious diseases like Ebola.”

The G-20 leaders invited all countries to continue building up resources and strengthening national, regional and global preparedness against the virus.