Pike County follows state lead in emergencies

Pike County Sheriff's Office
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In Pike County, Indiana, the emergency management team operates through the sheriff’s office and follows state guidelines in the case of a local outbreak of Ebola, a biological attack or any related emergencies.

“We follow the same state procedures that we use for a pandemic,” Pike County Emergency Management Director Tonda Dixon said. "State officials would come in to take the lead if any such incidents were to occur. We would be supporting them in those efforts and in getting information out to the public.”

Dixon said that the state agency has been active in a public information campaign, but was not sure whether or not citizens were actively following the material being provided. The Pike County Sheriff’s Office maintains a website with information ranging from tips for dealing with the simple flu season up to maintaining an emergency kit containing items suggested by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Dixon, whose agency operates out of the sheriff's facility in Petersburg, came into emergency management from the legal field, having started as an administrative assistant to an attorney.